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Issue while deploying SSRS report

Asked by:
Gulshan Kumar
Nov 22, 2016, 04:08



I have created a SSRS report using SQL Server Business Intelligence Development Studio and facing issue while I am trying to deploy the RDL file.
The specified TargetServerURL is not valid. Specify a valid URL for a report server in the deployment settings.
Please help me in taking this forward.

Thanks in advance.

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Answer :



You may try one of the below and stick to what works for you:

1. Changes to Report Properties

go to Project -> Properties and in General and change the set the following options to:

TargetReportPartFolder: [Virtual Diretory of Report Manager URL] TargetServerURL: http://YourReportURL /[Virtual Diretory of Web Service URL]

2. Set the report server url

  • Right-click on the solution in the Solution Explorer and click on Properties. Change the TargetReportFolder value to something you wish and provide the TargetServerURL as http://yourserver/reportserver (not jus t /report). Press save. Now right-click on the solution again and select Deploy.

  • When it finishes open the url http://yourserver/report (not /reportserver). Go ahead and click on Test.Reports (or whatever you specified as TargetReportFolder ) and then click on your test report. You will be greeted with the web version of your report.

  • change the security settings for connecting to the data source. In the report page, click on Properties > Data Sources . Change the “Connect using ” to “Credentials stored securely in the report server” and specify an account that has access to the data. Also check “Use as Windows credentials…”.

  • You may wish to change the Subscriptions if required!